If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your telescope or sportscope, Prowell’s top-notch focusing systems will make a noticeable difference. Our accurate attention to details will supply your telescope or sportscope with capacities you never thought possible.
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Our product line is led by the Crayford two-speed focusers, with aluminum knobs for regular tuning and brass knobs for fine tuning. In addition to that, our patented Slide-Out rubber grip will make your focusing more convenient and more precise than ever before.
While typical designs will wear out as time passes, because of scratches, deformations, or other damages to the drawtube, our Crayford focusers are made with stainless steel bearings, designed to withstand the trials of time. You’ll also notice the patented three-surface SUS 403 stainless steel ribs along the drawtube,and a sturdy Heiss steel axle responsible of moving the focuser cover along the drawtube. One twist of the focuser and you will
understand for yourself what puts our focusers one step ahead.
Unlike in any other design, our chassis is a one-piece construction;
this results in unmatched structural strength.
We treat all of our focusers with a double-polished finish, which
does not only give focusing that smooth feel you’re looking for,
but also eliminates sharp edges or steps.This feature is perfect
for yachting or other leisure environments where the corner-cutting
of typical designs presents a potential danger to curious children.
PF-125 1.25” Prowell Focuser for refractor telescopes.
PF-50 2” Prowell Focuser for refractor telescopes.
PF-50-D 2” Prowell Focuser for Dobs telescopes
PF-50-SCT 2” Prowell Focuser for SC telescopes (SCT)
PF-50-Synta 2” Prowell Focuser for Synta telescopes
PF-100 4” Prowell Focuser for refractor telescopes
PHF-60 Prowell Helical Focuser